Blue Link Webs produces small and medium Web sites for business. We're experts at database-driven Web sites using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML).

Meet Blue Link Webs

Blue Link Webs does Web development for small and medium business Web sites. We'll turn your ideas into Web pages and help you get them running on a Web server. We're experts at sites that use database technology to provide information for some or all of the pages on the site. We have more than 18 years' experience in building Web sites (that's forever in Internet years!) and more than 13 years' experience with database-driven Web sites.

Blue Link Webs is a virtual organization led by Bob Brown, who also teaches Web development at an Atlanta-area university. Along with Bob, there's a collection of students, graduate students, recent graduates, and colleagues. There are no offices nor salaried staff. Clients get low overhead, and the students get experience with expert supervision and guidance. Uh, and they make some money.

We can arrange for your project to be contracted through the university's software center if you like. For most projects, that's really the preferable way. The rates are the same in either case.

We're all in the Atlanta metropolitan area, but we accept clients from anywhere in the United States. Our product is electronic, and we can collect most client requirements by email or telephone.