Blue Link Webs produces small and medium Web sites for business. We're experts at database-driven Web sites using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML).

Prices and Terms

We can do a "business card site" like the one we did for Dr. William Hardcastle for a flat fee of $150.00. You provide the text and layout as a Microsoft Word document and we'll send back the Web page. (Yes, you can do this yourself in an hour or two; you'd hire us if an hour or two of your time is worth more than $150.)

For more complex sites, we work on an hourly basis. Company principals are billed at $95.00 per hour; student labor and artwork is billed at $47.50 per hour. Using your own artwork, and with your content delivered to us as Microsoft Word documents, a simple site like this one would cost roughly $1,000 to $2,000. The variation is mainly due to the number of revisions. Fewer changes after the site is built mean fewer hours and a lower cost.

Sites with complex pages like this one are in the $5,000 range. Database-driven sites will likely range from $3,500 to $10,000 depending upon complexity.

Our project methodology starts with a statement of purpose, a storyboard of your new site, and a functional requirement specification. From these, we can provide an hour estimate. (Even if you decide not to hire us, you'll need these things if you go forward.)


We will bill monthly until the project is complete. Payment is net 21 days.

Web pages and programs that we make for you are works made for hire. That means you own them outright as soon as you've paid for them. Unless you ask us not to, we will include a copyright notice in your name on each such page we develop for you.

The pages and programs we develop for you may incorporate some of our "power tools." Those tools will be identified by comments in the code, and you get a perpetual, non-exclusive right to use them in your site. That means you can use them forever in pages that we develop for you, and in pages that you or others develop for your site, but you cannot re-sell them nor give them away to others.

Web pages and programs that we make for you may also include open source code developed by others. Your right to use this material is governed by the license under which we obtained it. Generally, that will be the GNU General Public License or some variation of the Creative Commons License. Code developed by others will be identified by comments in the code, including identification of the license. In general, you may use these works freely, including incorporating them in other pages that you or others make. Your rights may be restricted if you create derivative works, that is, if you change this code. Generally, only Web developers and software firms would make such changes, so usually these aren't onerous restrictions.

If you have special requirements for commercial software or other intellectual property, like stock photography, in your Web site, we'll help you identify it and buy it. We'll also suggest that you buy a copy of Macromedia Contribute to help you make changes to your site. You become the customer of the intellectual property vendor and the licensee of the software, photographs, or other intellectual property. Generally, you will be able to use such software in your Web site, including additions or extensions developed by others, but you will be prohibited from reselling it or incorporating it in other Web sites. We will insert the required copyright and other notices in pages or programs we develop for you. If others also do development for you, it is your responsibility to be sure they comply with the license terms of commercial software or other intellectual property.

We take the intellectual property rights of others seriously and will inquire about licenses for photographs or artwork you provide for us to incorporate in your Web site. Usually what we will want from you is a letter describing each piece of intellectual property (photograph, drawing, etc.), identification of the copyright holder, your statement that you have the right to use this property as part of your Web site, and a statement of any notices we must incorporate along with the work.